What is the meaning of The Ace of Pentacles in Tarot?

Pentacles are about stuff. Money, land, property, jewels, cars--you know, stuff!

The Ace of Pentacles is about a new opportunity regarding ... stuff. You could be getting some money, or an inheritance, or a gift. The thing with aces is "new"... and they can also mean "opportunity."

Put the two together and you get a new opportunity to get something. Something concrete. Something real. Something you can touch.

Pentacles are also known as coins.

This card is known as the Ace of Coins.

Because Pentacles are associated with the element of "earth" this card could be called the Ace of Earth.

In some Tarot decks this card is known as or is translated as
1 of Pentacles
1 of Coins
1 of Earth
Ace of Coins
One of Coins
One of Pentacles
One of Earth